An Opportunity to Make a Difference

Mary Lou FosterPastor's Blog

Wesley UMC would like to extend an invitation to minister to a former member, Ashley Garcia Owens. Ashley was in our children and youth departments when she was younger. She has two little girls now. Her oldest daughter, Kallie, is struggling with medical issues that affect her mobility. Here is more info about her:

“Kallie is a big sister who desperately wants to be able to run and play with her new baby sister. She is in need of special leg braces to help her in her fight against a muscle disease referred to as RYR-1. This inhibits her ability to use her muscles effectively. The braces would help her to walk and support her in using her legs. Kallie is a fighter that is fighting a benign brain tumor along with multiple issues around the RYR-1 muscle disease. She only wants to be an active little girl and interact with her sister and cousins.”

If you could help her with these braces it would Kallie achieve her goal. Here is the GoFund Me link to donate: GoFund Me for Kallie