The May-June Swoosh

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Cross and Flame

As a child and even as a teenager, it seemed that the days of late spring and early summer were exceeding long. Especially those last few days of the school year that often ran into early to mid-June (with bad weather days of snow and ice in Kentucky!). I just couldn’t wait for those “lazy/hazy/crazy days” of summer and, for me, BASEBALL! But
now that I’m a rising senior adult, those same days have sped up to a WHOOSH! (Definition: Fast/great Rush/Swift) My papa and daddy both told me this would happen when I got to be their age, but as a youngster, it simply did not make sense. Whoosh indeed!

May-June each year is book-ended by Mother’s Day the second Sunday in May and Father’s Day, the third Sunday in June. So we do Muffins with Mom and Doughnuts with Dad on those Sundays. In between, we celebrate graduations from kindergarten to middleschool (junior high some places) to high school to junior college to college/university to advanced degrees from universities! Proms, parties, picnics, and all sorts of celebrations occur in May-June!

In our church world, we honor ALL during these times. We also experience holy days such as Heritage Sunday as Methodists, Ascension Sunday (the day Jesus ascended back into heaven to be with His father), and Pentecost (the day God’s Holy Spirit was poured out on all people). In our United Methodist area, we also come together for our three-day North Texas Annual Conference most often held in the Dallas area for all four districts comprising our Conference. This year we return to First UMC, Richardson June 4-6 (and yes, we always begin our Annual Conference on Pentecost Sunday pleading for yet another pouring out of God’s Spirit upon us as we meet and Holy Conference). Wesley will be represented by Diane Dixon as your Lay Delegate to Annual Conference and me as your pastor. Our secretary, Bonnie Gilmer, will be a delegate at-large representing our East District. Most of you
will receive this newsletter before we leave for Conference, so please keep us in your prayers.

In the meantime, Joe Clark and our youth have been very busy preparing for two major events occurring back-to-back: First the well-known and loved Sulphur Springs Work Camp June 4-7 and secondly, a planned mission trip to inner city, Denver, CO June 10-17. Fundraisers including barbeque sandwiches, bake sales, parents night out event and carnival, and finally, a car wash at Fire Station #2 (along with your generous donations) will provide for them to make this trip of ministry. So, let’s pray for our adult and youth sponsors who will represent the best of what Wesley
Church is all about: Being the hands and feet of Jesus wherever! By the way, our youth pastor and music minister, Joe Clark, gets back in time to reload and then serve as a counselor June 18-23 at Children’s Camp at Bridgeport
Methodist Camp. He will also be a counselor July 23-28 at Bridgeport for Junior High Camp. Keep Joe, Amanda,
Ruth and JC in your prayers for a Whoosh Summer! All in all, I wish for all of us at Wesley the sweet whoosh of God’s Spirit as we Invite folk to our church. Grow the best Disciples into Christ followers, and Serve all with the love of Christ. Amen: May it be so!