• Spring 1951—lot at the corner of Texas and Bellview streets was purchased from Jack and Junior Reynolds for $3,300
  • June 1951—Earl Harvey appointed as first pastor
  • January 6, 1952—first worship service in brand new sanctuary. One hundred and eight charter members were on the roll.
  • Summer of 1953—new education building was erected
  • June 1955—Jack McGee appointed second pastor. His wife started the first choir.
  • 1962—new brick parsonage was purchased. It is located on Tate Street. The backyard joins church property.
  • 1969—Shirley Methodist Church voted to discontinue services and move its membership to Wesley
  • Spring 1971—new sanctuary was completed
  • 1977—current education wing was built
  • 1978—annual Fall Round Up started to raise funds to retire debt
  • 1987—Wesley Hall was built
  • 2010—Little Acorn School opened at Wesley

Pastors of Wesley

           Earl Harvey                1951-1955
           Jack McGee                1955-1957
           Linley E. Vowell           1957-1959
           James H. Westbrook   1959-1965
           William W. Penn          1965-1968
           Allie M. Davenport      1968-1973
           George Topper            1973-1981
           John Hawkins              1981-1982
           Ken Hildebrand           1982-1985
           Jerry Putnam               1985-1992
           Ben Read                     1992-1995
           Robert L. Spencer        1995-1997
           Larry H. Kruger            1997-2000
           Wallace A. Williams     2000-2003
           Steve Davis                  2003-2006
           Jerry Jones                   2006-2009
           Brian Bosworth            2009-Oct 2012
           E. Sam Campbell         Nov 2012-Dec 2013
           Ben Shinn                    Mar 2014-June 2014
           Steve Cook                  July 2014-



Ground breaking for Wesley Hall in 1986.


Current sanctuary in early years with unique rail surrounding pulpit.


Original sanctuary in 1950s.


Charter Members of Wesley:
Front Row: Etha Cromer, Bertie Minter, Mrs. Smith
Second Row: Mrs. Waters, Eva Miller, Ora Lovell, Mabel Tinney, Sam Tinney
Back Row: Mrs. Moore, Jack Huffstettler, Bonnie Huffstettler, Kathryn Minter, Ruthie Blount, Elvis Blount


Wesley Hall location prior to construction.


Live Nativity scene at the corner of Bellview and Texas streets in 1950s.