Update on Healthy Church Initiative

Mary Lou FosterPastor's Blog

HCI Weekend

     On September 10, your HCI (Healthy Church Initiative) Team met with Gloria Fowler from the North Texas Conference to be trained to put together our Church Self Study encompassing the past twenty years at Wesley UMC.  Statistics from membership, Sunday School, Worship Attendance, and Monetary Giving will be included in this self-study.  This will be the first phase of the second year of our involvement with Healthy Church Initiative.  Your Team, with your help and input, will have three months to do this self-study.  It will be sent to the consultants hired by our Annual Conference for review and evaluation.  We need all the assistance we can receive from you!  WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!

     Then the second phases of HCI Year 2 will occur the weekend of March 4-6, 2016 when the Consultation Team will spend an entire weekend with us, interviewing many of you, having a sit-down meal with our church, and literally leading our Sunday morning worship with “the results” of the self-study and weekend visit along with their “prescriptions” to being a healthier and more fruitful church for the glory of God.  We promise to keep you informed along the way with our progress, questions, needs, and important dates and times. We will have monthly updates in this newsletter, our Sunday bulletin, on Facebook, and via e-mails.  Please pray for your HCI Team as we serve our Lord by being The Church called Wesley UMC.